Monthly Archives: February 2012

Vote for us – we’re on a mission

So it’s almost a month since we made the beta version of Mastodon C which won the AMEE London Green Hackathon 2012, and seems like the excitement just keeps building. We are incredibly excited about the potential of our project  – we really could make cloud computing significantly greener with this.

We entered the Digital London Challenge to get some early funding and support. If you like us then please vote vote vote!

We’ve also been getting fantastic comments and support from some especially grand people.

James Governor, of RedMonk said:

Mastodon C is arguably the most important project in IT today – energy efficiency for hadoop, the future of data

The London Green Hackathon judges said:

Mastodon looks to the future of distributed computing, and is a great example of web-meets-cleantech.

And, my personal favourite quote, from @mrchrisadams:

Herds of intelligent roaming hadoop jobs, migrating from datacentre to datacentre, in search of cold iron in a Gibsonian future.


Following the moon

We’ve been having fun today calculating how to move jobs around in the day and night based on local temperatures. We heart playing with graphs.

For example, AWS Sao Paulo has a very green local energy grid so is generally a good choice, but it’s hot (27c daytime max this time of year), so the server cooling cancels out a lot of the environmental benefits. Oregon is looking pretty good so far, though: 9c daytime max in February and an okayish local grid, so even though it’s got a not-as-green power supply, it’s often a better choice than Brazil.

Just based on Amazon and Rackspace locations so far, I reckon you can save about 90% of potential emissions in winter and 95% in summer by picking the best location.

The time zone calculations are going to be a bit of a mare, though.