It lives!

We’ve finally published the prescribing analytics portal here

It covers prescribing variation of statins in the UK last year, making it really easy to explore variation which could be costing extra money. I definitely recommend taking a look – it’s fascinating to explore.

It got some great coverage too – the Financial Times, the Economist, and Huffington Post all had approving mentions.

Last week, the NHS Information Centre released another quarter of a billion rows of data, so there’s a lot more to be done here, and this kind of big data is exactly our bag. Watch this space!


3 thoughts on “It lives!

  1. Andrie de Vries

    Hi, Francine

    Thank you for a brilliant presentation at LondonR last night

    The link on this page to the open data leads to a 404 error.

    Do you have any tips for finding the data?


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