Infamy, infamy

More recent and upcoming talks from Team Mastodon:

A couple of recent ones that are up online:

Using data for EVIL! at the Strata Data Warfare conference

Big Data comes to the NHS at ODI Fridays lunchtime lecture

More public talks coming soon:

Open Data for CSR, Intelligent Futures, 12th Feb

R and Shiny at Data Science London, 21st Feb

R and NHS data, LondonR, 19th March

Devoxx, 26th-27th March



3 thoughts on “Infamy, infamy

  1. santhi


    I worked in NHS child data /mental health data migrations in the recent past, Have produced lots clinical documents /progress notes as part of the the data processing and reports.

    Also exposure on Hadoop / Hive and Mongo DB technologies.
    I see there is potenctial benefit if we use Hadoop / MongoDB( good at docs processing ) / Hive for reporting.

    Lots of PCTs still struggling with the Rio and PAS performaces.

    Have you thought of any POCs in this area ?


    1. Fran Post author

      Thanks Santhi – it’s interesting to hear that. We’ve thought of POCs in that area but are still waiting to find the right client – I think you’re totally right that Hadoop and other modern data systems are suited very well to storing and finding meaning in clinical documents and similar tasks, so we’d love to do some more in this area.


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