Help! I can’t find any female speakers for my tech conference!

I occasionally get asked where one could go to find women speakers for tech events and conferences. Here is short list from the top of my head:

Rails Bridge (for Ruby)
pyladies (for Python)
flossie (forFree/Libre Open Source Software)
JDuchess (for Java)
LambdaLadies (for functional programming)
MzTek (technology and art)

Also on twitter

@anettebgo (javascript) UK
@annashipman (software craftsmanship, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, development methodology and clean code) UK
@fhr (my boss on R, big data and DataKind) UK
@jennifersmithco (clojure, neo4j & graphs) UK
@jenit (open data) UK
@lunivore (bdd) UK
@mia_out (Digital Humanities, web dev) UK
@misslake (Art and programming and senior TED fellow) UK
@trisha_gee (Java, Java Performance, MongoDB) UK
@yoditstanton (big data, clojure, hadoop) UK

@bodil (fp, clojure, clojurescript, javascript, web dev) Norway

@antiheroine (web dev) US
@ashedryden (ruby & general diversity) US
@carinmeier (clojure and fp) US
@kaythaney (Mozilla Open Science, Big Data and DataKind) US (formerly UK)

And I’m sure quite a few more, but that is a start. Please add more in the comments

I’m sure @ashedryden has a much more complete list on her blog as she is writing a book on this.
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Bruce is a co-founder and the CTO of Mastodon C where he is trying to save the world with clojure and big data. He is also one of the co-founders of the London Clojure User Group and helps the London Java Community and London Python Dojo. He likes pragmatically using lean, agile and kanban. Bruce loves automating drudgery away with a script, learning a new language in GNU emacs and generally talking nonsense.

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